Carillon ERP is the Only Know it now® Certified ERP System

Carillon ERP know it now

Why is that a big deal? Know it now® is a process that enables you to maximize knowledge by:

Increasing the availability of data

Improve the accuracy of data

Maintain a cohesive network within your organization

This management method is embedded in Carillon ERP to optimize the efficiency of your business operations. Its emphasis on real-time operations is the driving force behind Carillon. Carillon processes data immediately and makes it readily available to access from any device in the system. It was built from the ground up to meet Know it now® management’s standards.

To guarantee accurate information, we designed Carillon® ERP to be a whole-company solution. We look at the big picture, and where everyone in an organization fits into it. With precise records, you will always have the most up-to-date snapshot of your company.

With Know it now® management, our clients are able to make informed business decisions and achieve higher levels of efficiency.

This directly results in higher profit margins for you.

Beyond just providing you with a first-rate ERP solution, our team of experts goes the extra mile to help iron out kinks in your information chain. We will connect all the ends of your business together – meaning everyone has access to the data they need to work efficiently.

This is just an introduction to the thinking behind Know it now® management. If you think your organization is suffering from insurmountable obstacles, then you need to learn more about how Know it now® can help. Download our full white paper today!

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