Food & Beverage - Quick Service Restaurants

Carillon ERP for the Food & Beverage Industry

Fully Integrated System to Manage Your Hospitality Business

Carillon ERP is an ideal business solution for companies in the food and beverage industry because of our tight integration with leading restaurant systems. Carillon interfaces seamlessly with OrderMatic®, MICROS® and Eight™. This saves you from having to rekey information and helps ensure that your information is accurate. With Carillon, you have an ERP system that is scalable, adaptable to your unique requirements and easy to use. Organizations with multiple companies, such as franchises, save time with Carillon because they are able to manage all of their companies at once, rather than having separate login and database for each company. Our dynamic ERP software even allows you to have multiple windows open at one time so you can view all of your locations at once.

Cost Effective Operations

Portal, the online portal created for Carillon ERP, empowers employees and vendors and lightens management's workload.

Seamless Interface

Interfaces seamlessly with MICROS®, OrderMatic® and Eight™. This saves you from having to rekey information and ensures that your information is accurate.

Expert Support

Direct access to a personal support team based in the U.S.A. quickly resolves any issues. We give you the direct phone number to a senior manager, quality assurance tester and a developer and let you choose who to contact based on the situation.

Instant Visibility

See your financial information as of this second with our real-time functionality. We also keep unlimited years of history online, meaning you can see your audit trail (journals and ledgers) at any time.