Consultant Program

Providing ERP implementation consulting services is one of the most lucrative services a firm can provide. Many consultants, like the president of Carillon ERP, decide it is far more enjoyable than tax and audit services.


  • Earn 10% of the license fee for referrals of new customers (some restrictions apply)
  • Billing rates ranging from $150 - $350 per hour are not unusual for ERP implementation experts
  • Free telephone support when assisting mutual clients (some restrictions apply). This includes direct phone access to developers and quality assurance personnel
  • A not-for-resale license of Carillon for self-training and demonstration purposes
  • Allowed to use Carillon Authorized Consultant logo in an approved manner
  • Listing on Carillon’s website
  • Feedback for future enhancements given priority
  • Contributing member of


  • Carillon Authorized Consultants must successfully complete a 40-hour Authorized Consultant Training course taught by Carillon executives, developers and quality assurance personnel. Equivalent knowledge exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis if you have previous experience working with Carillon ERP.
  • Carillon Authorized Consultants must have a computer on which they maintain the current version of Carillon ERP (which is provided as a benefit above). This is commonly a laptop with at least 2 GB RAM and a display capable of at least 1280 x 768 resolution. You must bring this computer to the training course. The laptop must also have a licensed copy of Microsoft Excel and a Microsoft SQL Server database (Express edition is adequate).
  • One-time fee of $495 to help offset the cost of the associated 40-hour training class.

Examples of Restrictions:

  • You may not earn a referral fee if the software is being licensed to your employer, an entity related to you or a member of your immediate family, or an entity related to your employer.
  • You can’t send us a phone book of everybody in the USA and expect to get a referral fee.
  • Free support is intended for situations where you are a third party consultant. It is not intended to replace your employer’s need to purchase a support plan if your employer is using the product for internal use.