Purchase Order Processing

Carillon ERP's Purchase Order functionality allows companies to maintain consistent stock levels, improve merchandise quality and minimize costs by increasing accuracy and efficiency in your purchasing department. Purchase Orders allow companies to deal with real-world situations like partial shipments, combined shipments or delayed invoices. Goods will no longer sit on the loading dock while employees sift through piles of paperwork thanks to a robust Accounting/ERP software.

Purchase Orders allow for tracking of each item down to the smallest detail. For example, users can indicate if an item was acquired at a discount and whether or not savings should be passed on to your customers. It also provides a separate payment for freight, which can be made to either the vendor or the carrier.

Tightly integrated throughout the entire Carillon ERP system, the Purchase Order window updates the General Ledger, giving an accurate view of your companies' bottom line at any given time in financial statements and other reports. Inventory includes incoming purchase orders when calculating the true Available to Sell amount. Your inventory levels will always be accurately portrayed through the online integration of the Purchase Order and Inventory windows.

When items are received, purchase orders are converted to vouchers, automatically updating Accounts Payable. With Carillon's ERP software, you save time and money through online information and accurate reports. Open Purchase Order reports can be generated both by Account and by Vendor. This well-rounded, state-of-the-art Purchase Order functionality will help guide any organization as it streamlines the process of ordering, receiving and paying for everything your company needs to operate efficiently.

The primary purpose of a purchasing system is to facilitate:

  • Deciding what to buy
  • Gather unfulfilled demand information from the inventory management system and (considering unfulfilled demand, lead times, minimum order quantities and maximum stocking levels) assist the purchasing agent in ordering cost-effective quantities of items from suppliers.
  • Obtaining authorization
  • Provide a mechanism whereby requisitions can be approved by the appropriate personnel (depending on the personnel placing the requisition and the cost of the requisitioned item).
  • The secure issuance of purchase orders
  • Allow authorized personnel to make approved purchases of inventory and non-inventory items from approved suppliers as efficiently as possible.
  • Communicating
  • Effectively communicate purchase orders, change orders and cancellation orders to suppliers timely and effectively using the suppliers' item IDs and descriptions when necessary or appropriate.

    Carillon makes purchasing as easy and automatic as possible with the following functionality:

    • Requisition process
    • Sales order integration
    • Security-based approval process
    • Change orders
    • Fax/email capability
    • Variance tracking
    • Direct ship
    • Three-way matching
    • Unlimited suppliers per item
    • Support for suppliers' item IDs and descriptions
    • Open PO visibility
    • Previous cost visibility
    • Multiple warehouse/location support
    • Unlimited notes capability
    • Unit of measure conversion
    • Multiple date tracking
    • Non-inventory purchase orders
    • PO drill-down capability