Shopping Cart

Carillon ERP is one of the only accounting packages to have its own fully-integrated, real-time, e-commerce site. We don’t have two systems that simply import, export, and duplicate data – Shopping Cart is built into the Carillon system and uses the same database and data.

The trend of buying anything and everything online is here to stay. For your sales team, receiving orders from your customers and entering them into an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System can be a nightmare. That’s why Carillon has created an e-commerce site that is part of the Carillon ERP system. For less than the price of a full-time sales representative, you can implement Carillon’s Shopping Cart and help your company reach its selling potential.

  • Search Bar, complete with Specialized Fields
  • Choose Which Products to Feature
  • Detail Page for Each Item You Sell
  • Display Product Pictures with Zoom Capabilities
  • Set Up Special Pricing For Your Customers
  • Users Can Buy Items Individually Or By The Case
  • Select from Pick Up Or Direct Shipping
  • Built into Carillon ERP
  • Secure
  • No Need To Re-Key Sales Into ERP System
  • Real-Time
  • Use It On A Mobile Device
  • Customizable
  • Unlimited History – See Your Past Sales From The Beginning!
  • And so much more

Please download our brochure, or watch the video below, to learn more about Shopping Cart and how it can revolutionize the way you sell products.